How To Reduce Shoulder Pain – 8 Best Rotator Cuff Exercises

Rest your head on a foam roller or towel on a yoga mat. Support your head with your elbow or stretch your other arm to your bottom ear.

Side-lying External Rotation

Rearrange your feet in a staggered position. Hold your core and weight on the front foot.

High-To-Low Rows

Use both knees. Carry light weights with palms facing inward and hands beneath shoulders.

Reverse Fly

Hold one broad resistance band edge. Step on the band after attaching it to a wall or bar at shoulder height. Twist the band in your hand to tauten it.

Lawn Mower Pull

Face away from a door with the injured arm. Put a resistance band on the door handle.

Doorway Stretch

Place your healthy arm on a table and lean over. Keep one foot in front of the other and the suffering hand hanging.


Hold the affected arm on the other shoulder. You can support yourself with your good arm.

Crossover Arm Stretch-Low Rows

Since all 3 of our design inspiration leans more minimal, we can gracefully incorporate all styles.

Sleeper Stretch