8 Smartest Cat Breeds That Are Equally Cute and Clever

Russian blues are among the sharpest cat breeds; in fact, they're more likely to teach you than the other way around. To give it breakfast and remind you when it's dinnertime, the Russian blue will wake you up like an alarm.

Russian blue

This lovely cat appears to have entered your living room from the wild. It has a cougar-like appearance, from the forward-tilting ears to the enormous almond-shaped eyes and the gorgeous hues of its coat.


Enhancing this unique beauty's cognitive and motor abilities is essential to its happiness. "Providing enrichment is essential to guaranteeing your cat receives optimal levels of exercise and stimulation," the author writes.

Egyptian mau

Burmese cats are among the smartest breeds of cats, and you can tell by their body language that they are attention-seekers.This clever breed frequently looks to make sure someone is looking because it enjoys amusing its resident people so much.


Learning new tricks is one thing for the most intelligent cat breeds; however, when a cat possesses emotional intelligence as well, that's an amazing combination. Like emotional support dogs, these adorable stubby-tailed cats are well-known for their empathy and for offering a soothing and comforting presence.

American bobtail

Often the most intelligent cat breeds are those we have never heard of before. Consider the Japanese bobtail, one of the world's rarest varieties of cats. Every Japanese bobtail has a distinct tail of its own. You did really read correctly. A tail is never the same twice.

Japanese bobtail

A clever dog that enjoys picking up new skills is the Siamese. Whether you like it or not, it will find its own exciting hobbies if you don't give it engaging and difficult outlets for mental exercise.


The Bengal has an amazing, strikingly contrasting coat with unique marbling, akin to that of leopards and jaguars. Because of its remarkable beauty, Bengal cats are the most frequently stolen kind of cat, so you should keep a tight eye on them.