8 Coolest Women's Undercut Hairstyles To Try in 2024

Smoky Lavender Undercut

This side undercut adds a unique touch and works well with chin-length to long hair, offering easy coverage if desired.

Long Hair Rebellion

Keep your long locks with a hidden nape undercut, revealing an edgy design when styled in a top knot.

Platinum Under Shaved Pixie

A bold Mohawk style with low-cut hair allows for creative dye patterns, like striped designs in darker colors.

Hairstyle with Two Directions

This look features a diagonal undercut on one side and longer, more even hair on the other, showcasing duality.

Spiky Shaved Mohawk

Modernize the classic Mohawk with a two-toned ash and black color scheme for a striking, edgy appearance.

Feminine Designs

Shaved nape designs add uniqueness to feminine styles like braids, buns, and ponytails, perfect for fine hair.

Blue Haze Undercut

Try a misty blue undercut for a trendy, professional look, with a higher cut adding a soft yet edgy color twist.

Shaved Temple and Side Part

Ideal for thick hair, this undercut bob features a small, easily hidden shaved section for a subtle change.