8 Best Developed Countries Globally: Ideal Places to Live


Known for its tolerance and personal freedom, the Netherlands ranks 8th with an HDI value of 0.944, boasting a high standard of living and an average life expectancy of 82 years.


With a modern mixed economy and remarkable income equality, Denmark secures the 9th position with an HDI score of 0.940, offering an ideal environment for business and a high quality of life.


Despite its small population, Finland excels in global comparisons, consistently ranking among the top countries for well-being, personal freedoms, and HDI, reflecting its high standards of living.


Renowned for its technological advancements and prosperity, Singapore holds the 11th position, boasting one of the world's highest standards of living.

United Kingdom:

Despite Brexit implications, the UK remains highly developed with an HDI score of 0.932, showcasing significant international influence across various sectors and the sixth-largest economy driven primarily by the service sector.


Centrally located in Europe and serving as the symbolic capital of the EU, Belgium ranks 13th with an HDI score of 0.931, offering its citizens high standards of living, quality healthcare, and education.

New Zealand:

A wealthy nation with a diversified economy, New Zealand ranks 14th with an HDI of 0.931, characterized by government-subsidized healthcare and a high GDP per capita.


Despite a slight drop in its HDI ranking, Canada remains one of the most developed countries globally, with an HDI score of 0.929, boasting a robust service-based economy, high quality of life.